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annette walker
Name annette walker
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About Me i am 59 year old mother of 4 ,grandmother of 9 .waiting for a double lung transplant.i am huuuuuge ellen fan and watch everyday.have not missed too many shows in the whole ten years.i am always going to forget my troubles and smile and sometimes laugh out loud and have gotten a few people to watch your show also.thank you and i will bev watching i hope after my lung transplant.
annette walker
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520 days ago

I was so happy to see helene today ,I HAVE BEEN WONDERING HOW SHE WAS DOING,as i am currently on the lung donor list ,i am 59 and waiting for a double lung transplant ,so i was so happy to see her look so good ,gives me a liitle more hope.i have end stage copd and i am a lung cancer survivor.I just got listed last week ,very excited but also very scared.she was an inspiration to me .thank you for having people like her on your show.i live on oxygen 24/7 .i hope i am as lucky as her .

thank you
one of your biggest biggest fans