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Name Annette
Location Arab, Al
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Hobbies Reading, crafts, unable to travel but I love to take virtual tours, love education, interested in: geology, archaeology, paleontology and science in general.
About Me I am retired science lab teacher k-2. I loved my job and miss the kids. I am definitely a better person because of my time spent with children. How thankful I am. I have 2 children and one granddaughter who will be 8 this month (Dec 19) which is day after my birthday. We are very close. I have been married for 29 years.
Take a Penny, Leave a Penny
514 days ago

Ellen, several yrs ago my science lab students K-2 had a "Penny Drop". This was to save enough pennies to buy a class room pet. We voted on a white, umbrella ****atoo. The pennies began to come in. Each class designed their own "penny drop" container. At the time there were close to 800 students of whom came to science lab once a week. I loved my job. We made charts/graphs from each class, we studied about the U.S. Mint, used our digital microscope to view the design of the penny and its changes or the yrs. We did experiments w/pennies for ex: we used a dropper to guess how many drops of water a penny could hold. You'd be amazed. Give it a try. All along we continued to research and study all about the penny. We raised apprx. $1,200. The last week I had volunteers to come in to roll pennies. One of the businesses in town finally loaned us their penny rolling machine. Each morning a student would bring their collection boxes to empty into our large plastic container. The kids were so excited. It ended up that the pennies almost filled up one of the huge garbage cans. We discovered that we could not move this huge garbage can. It began to loose its shape as we began to pick it up. So many great observations and applying the scientific method came from this endeavor.
It came time for us to transport the pennies to the bank. We had several parents to come in and fill smaller containers, that we then placed on a push cart to take the pennies to the pick up truck ( another opportunity to learn about how money moves around in the U.S.). I'll never forget what I thought would be a simple fund raiser that became one of my most favorite times in learning more along with the children. The children were fascinated how "elegant" hotels would wash the coins, etc. And of course we had to make some of ours shine with vinegar and water.

I do believe for the first time, our school science lad made a large deposit in our local by "pickup truck"! We bought a ****atoo by majority rule. We were able to buy a large iron cage on casters and he visited each classroom. The children named him by writing about him after observing him. We narrowed the names to 3 and by popular vote we named him, Casper. He became our White Knight as our school wide mascot were the Arabian Knights.
We learned so much about our feathered friends and we had many visitors from all over the state to come visit our science lab.  I was so fortunate to be given the opportunity to not only teach children but I quickly became a student of theirs as well. We grew and learned together those wonderful 10 years that I spent never working a day because I was blessed to be able to do something that I truly loved. I kept journals during my time with them. I kept a cardboard mailbox like the big ones outside the post office so the children could write to me, draw pictures and share whatever was on their minds. They would come to science lab once a week for 30 minutes and I felt like the kids were so hungry to be heard so I left paper on top of our mailbox that the kids could use. They could drop letters by on their way to lunch or whenever it was a convenient time for them. I loved seeing their faces light up when the would see me smile as they would open the door an make a delivery. I needed the kids much more than they needed me. But with days so crammed with hours of conventional studies it felt good to give them a time to be heard. There were days, though, when I felt a need to let them be heard and to just share about how they had lost their puppy, or to share the loss of a grandparent or to share about winning a swim match or overcoming fears.

My mom use to always tell me to pick up pennies because it may be that very penny that would make me a "millionaire". I have a love for pennies. "A penny saved is a penny earned." To this day I can not pass up a chance to add to my pocket of savings. Now when I pick up a penny I think about a happy time in my life or whisper a prayer for someone I'm thinking about.

I think it's too soon to say goodbye to the penny. Maybe we should rethink how our lives would be changed. I still save pennies. Maybe I will start looking closer to find my old friend whether heads up or not, it still holds value in my book. :-)

Win All the Prizes from Day 9 of 12 Days!
588 days ago

Greetings from Alabama! Hi Ellen. My name is Annette. Do you know anyone by that name? I think we are a rare breed. It was impossible to find a necklace, bracelet or even a bicycle tag with my name on it. I remember winning a bag of groceries ay Christmas time when i was a kid but even then they called me Anita. Lol...My granddaughter, Lacey, will be 8 yrs old Dec 19. She was born the day after my bday. She is a gift that keeps on giving. Oh how I would love to make this year one to truly remember. Lacey is celebrating her bday this Saturday. I would love to be able to give her mom, Mary, our daughter and hubby, Rob a big Christmas because they work so hard. We love watching your show during the holidays. So much joy you bring. Xoxoxo

Adorable Gentle Barn Photos!
594 days ago

Just the name "gentle" barn reminded me of the complete opposite when raising animals for "veal" . It broke my heart when I discovered the ritual and I don't understand how it is allowed and then served as fine dining. I would encourage anyone who doesn't know about VEAL to look it up. I do not want to explain it in this forum but I think it is worth your time to read about it and maybe it could be stopped. Be kind to animals !

Meatless Monday: Vegan Chicken Scaloppini
594 days ago

Ellen, when I email, comment, etc. I try to end on a good note. You always come to mind and I recall how you say "Be kind to one another!" What better way to pass on the power of suggestion. Thank you for sharing your heart !