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I woke up this morning to get my two kids (Chloe,6 and Cameron, 11) ready for school as I always do. I am Annie, btw. I turned 30 in August and currently live at home with my angel of a mother, Lisa. I suffer from epilepsy which as a single mom of two can be trying and now may possibly be facing breast cancer (waiting on insurance to approve a mammogram). Both my mom and I are facing illness. She suffers from a disease known as dystonia (similiar syptoms to Parkinsons) and has to see a neurologist every few months for botox shots to stop her involutary movements. I am truly writing this though because of my children. I never thought being a single and "sick" mom I could give them everything that they needed but this week they both have shocked and surprised me. I sit here now writing as a truly blessed and proud mom. My son has spent all his allowance to donate to a program at his school called "Pennies For Patients" which donates all funds to children with cancer (he actually raised almost $30 plus his allowance), my daughter is a talented little singer and sings for all of our family and friends whenever they are sick or feeling down and we now have several people who call everyday just to hear her voice and boost their spirits. Today is Valentines Day and I just wanted to say how much I love my family and no matter what we are honestly gifted with each other. And last but not son woke me up this morning wanting to play a song he had recently found....I think I've listened to it 20 times now and cried almost made me realize though that "sick" or "ill" apparently my mom, Gram, Pop, and (hopefully) self are doing something right...the song is called "Same Love" and my 11 year old son he believes in it, that everyone gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, or questioning we all should have the same rights as human beings. Thanks! And we watch you everyday! My daughter is obsessed with Sophia Grace and Rosie! :-) Take care of yourself and as always be kind to each other!