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Anne-Marie Short
Name Anne-Marie Short
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Hobbies Supporting my children's extra-curricular activities, playing with our new puppy, cooking, reading
About Me My husband and I are both teachers. I have been involved in secondary education for 19 years in Leavenworth, Kansas. We have 4 kids (15, 9, 8, and 5, turning 6 next week) who are love sports, scouts, music, and hanging out with friends--translation: I run a small bussing service after school hours... We have a new puppy named Buster who gives it everything he has to keep up with the kids. We play hard and have a great time. I love to cook, and am trying to learn to let go of some of that responsibility and teach my kids some kitchen basics. I love to read young adult literature and get teens excited to read. The fourteen years I was in the classroom, it was one of my greatest strengths. As building Instructional Coach, it keeps me connected to kids, teachers, and the librarian. I love reading with my kids, and I'm so sincerely proud at the love of reading they are developing. Thanks for all you do, Ellen. You make such a difference in our world!
Anne-Marie Short
Ellen and Steve Harvey!
522 days ago

Ellen, I LOVE your show. It makes me smile everyday. Today I am laying in bed (recovering from surgery) watching the segment with Steve Harvey laughing until tears are streaming down my face -- from the segment, not the stitches and staples ;0). Thank you so much sharing your wit and sense of humor as well as your kindness, generosity, and good will with America daily. I think your show makes people feel good, and when people feel good about themselves they are more apt to do nice/good things for others. Have a lovely day, God Bless.