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anna wood
Did Ellen Call Drew Barrymore Fat?
194 days ago

I cannot believe how much she looks like my daughter. I am pretty sure my daughter could play her sister, daughter or double in movies when she was little and even now. She still has an resemblance to Drew. she is a beautiful woman, and very talented. You truly are amazing Ellen you make me laugh every day. You're a special kind of special. I sent a few photos of my daughter to you, when she was young to show you how much she was Drew's twin. My daughter even had someone ask her for her autograph thinking she was Drew, and she was taking out of her grade two class by her teacher to show the kids in library how much she looked like the child in the ET movie. I always wanted Drew to see my daughter so I am hoping she can see this message and I could sent some photos to her one day so she can see the twin she never knew she had.