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Anna Kesler
Name Anna Kesler
Location Dalton, Ga.
Age 55
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Hobbies sewing, crafts, kind a limited, at present.
About Me I am 54 years of age,have 6 children and 10 grand children, we lost everything in 2010 and hit a all time low, went to a dark place, but I have hope and peers that are mentors , you have touched a few, bullying,Illness, walked for NAMI[National alliance for mental illness]making people aware. glad you are in my life awareness THANKS
Anna Kesler
'SNL's' Jason Sudeikis' Crush on Ellen
603 days ago

Ellen,I always enjoyed your show when I get to see it,you are so good to people, you have a big heart, you are not fake, I have laughed,cried,got goose bumps,you can real bring out the good in people,The mold was broken when you were born. you let the people know there is hope thanks you for all that you have blessed me with, INSPERATION !!!!