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Ann McGinn
Name Ann McGinn
Joined 658 days ago
Hobbies Watching Ellen, working with my dog-daughter, crocheting, jewelry designing & jewelry making & volunteering.
About Me I am a 61yo divorced female living with my beautiful 1/2 lab, 1/2 border collie. I became homeless at 57 and it has taken me seemingly forever to get back on my feet, but I am getting there and refuse to give up hope. I am not new to this site. My email was hacked and I had to register with my new email address.
Ann McGinn
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595 days ago

The two constants in my life. EVERY day my darlin' BayLee Rose (my dog-daughter) AND Ellen will make me laugh out loud. Every day I get a FREE Attitude Adjustment from both. Although I have hardships like everyone else, I try to look for the good, the positive and the little things that keep me going.
Thank you Ellen and BayLee Rose for being a part of my life. The biggest thank you goes to God for Blessing me with Ellen and BayLee Rose. OK, gotta thank God for momma. too! After all, she raised you, Ellen. Now if you, could stop making me cry because of all the good you do for so many, I could see you on my TV a little clearer. (even clearer if you came to visit me, wink, wink!)
God Bless y'all.
Ann T.M. & BayLee Rose

Ann McGinn
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622 days ago

Hey Ellen,
I don't know if I LOL or cry more when I watch you daily. I KNOW I will laugh, feel happy and feel that life will be OK; even for one hour a day. My tears are always those of happiness, inspiration and HOPE. I have admired you since waaay back in your mullet "daze" and continue to be inspired by you to be a better person. Thank you for giving me one hour, EVERY SINGLE DAY, of joy.
I will continue to receive my daily dose of love, via the airwaves, and hopefully be able to pass that along to those I encounter in MY life. God Bless you ALL.

Ann McGinn
Message from Ellen
645 days ago

As always, Ellen, you continue to entertain, do good and make me Laugh Out Loud. Only you and my BayLee Rose (dog-daughter) can do that EVERY day.
Have been busy crocheting scarves for My Brother's Keeper (they help ppl get back on their feet after whatever misfortunes befall them with NO QUESTIONS ASKED - based in So. Easton, MA). I have found a way to give back, even in this tiny way without a vehicle. Still hoping to find a way to obtain one so I can give back in a little bigger way.
God Bless,