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Ann Mathew
Name Ann Mathew
Joined 560 days ago
Hobbies Making others happy by singing, watching Ellen and cute cat and dog videos, motivating others with good words and eating :P
About Me I am simple, happy and content, God-fearing and loving to people and kind to animals...
Ann Mathew
Message from Ellen
212 days ago

Thank you for the joy, thank you for the memories and all the kindness you have shared with us all! May 2014 bless you more.

Ann Mathew
Matthew Perry's Peach Joke Reaction
473 days ago

I got the joke! The people in the streets are just going about mindlessly as puppets of the system, which made the man shout 'puppets1'. He was yelling out the truth, like the comic characters in Shakespeare, yet no one took notice of him. It was funny because of the layers of meaning. Oh, Ellen, you didn't get it :(

Ann Mathew
Funny Signs: Soon Fatt
480 days ago

This is a hamster dreaming in its sleep...

Ann Mathew
'Do You See What Aussie?'
560 days ago

My mom loves to travel but she has been so busy raising up the three of us, time went by. I am trying to save up some money so that I can take her for an awesome holiday... Is Australia beckoning me? Yes, if Ellen is! :) Meanwhile, keeping my fingers crossed.