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About Me I'm married and the Mom of a beautiful daughter named Danielle. I have my share of medical issues but refuse to let it get me down. I have a serious addiction to volunteering for things...LOL. But I love to make people smile. That's why I love you and your show. Its the most enjoyable thing on television. Thank you for bringing good entertainment back to our lives <3
Ann Marie Perullo
Ellen Addresses Her JCPenney Critics
297 days ago

I've always been a huge fan Ellen. You're a beautiful person inside and out, and your honesty and compassion go above and beyond. I commend you for always keeping it real and not giving in to those haters for publicity purposes. So many people love you for who you are and for the numerous wonderful things you do for others. I also congratulate JC Penney for standing up for what they believe in and not giving in to those ridiculous people. God Bless You Always Ellen. You are truly a breath of fresh air. And thank you for always making me laugh.