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Ann Marie Iacono
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Ann Marie Iacono
Airocide Cleans the Air!
473 days ago

I was hoping to win an airocide but when I click on the "find out how you can win" it takes me to Yahoo websites with no informtion about airocide. I was going to buy one for my daughter and her family; wow didn't realize how much they are. I am struggling financially and the price is overwhelming that's why I wanted to qualify to win one for her family. One of her twin has has severe ashma, she has always had severe allergies, and now her husband has developed severe allergies.
I am hoping to try and win. Please let me know how I can qualify. Thank you, Ann Marie

Ann Marie Iacono
You Write, Ellen Responds!
522 days ago

I'd like to send Lady Gaga well wishes but don't want to go on tweeter so please tell her I wish her a speedy recovery. I had hip replacement surgery this summer and I was dancing by Christmas. Tell her to follow the doctors instructions, do the exercises daily, and don't overdo. Physical Therapy helped a lot. I'm was 63 six weeks after my surgery so she should do great.
Love your show. I tape it every day. Helps me escape from my life for a little while. I love to watch everything and I love how giving you are; it gives me hope that things will turn out okay for me some day. Bless you.
Ann Marie