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Ann Kennedy
Name Ann Kennedy
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Hobbies George Clooney, dog-loving, sailing, reading, watching TV and movies, singing in choir (much to the chagrin of the choir director)
About Me I totally support the right to love and live with whomever your heart chooses, my faith is always a work in progress, I believe that people like me who live with physical and other disabilities are misunderstood and segregated by society much in the way that ethnic minorities were/are and I have to believe that we will ultimately triumph one day in being granted equal access to ALL public spaces, employment, family rights, events, accommodations, etc. I just have to.
Ann Kennedy
Dax Shepard's Love for Brad Pitt
92 days ago

Thank you, Dax, thank you Ellen! I will watch this over and over and over...truly Laughing Out Loud!!!