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Ann Hernandez
Name Ann Hernandez
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Hobbies Watching Ellen! Spending time & doing for my family Helping others
About Me I am 39,with a wonderful daughter & loving & energetic grandchild. I work for a company that provides care to Senior Citizens in their home...which is absolutely the most rewarding feeling and opportunity one could have. I cherish my mother and am more thankful for her each & every day. I of course like many others have had my share of lifes troubles & blessings. All which I can be thankful for now....nothing like learning for yourself. I've been a single mother since the age of 17 and look back now & glad to have experienced what I learned and realized. We all wish for more, but I again am extremely grateful for what I do have in my life.
Ann Hernandez
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231 days ago

Ellen, I think you're show of most of all YOU, have made such a tremendous difference in people's lives. Of course, I like everyone else woull love to win for my mom. Again, I think she's the best as a lot of others do their own...but I don't think there is a one minute in each day that is just for her. She spends it focused on everyone one else & if there's a free moment while wainting to do for others, she sits & wishes for things she should have been able to get while working. She's now retired & doesn't have a thing to show for it. She said, I thought just for once, I'd be able to get myself something but my somethng is watching my loved ones receive what they need. You are appreciated Ellen!