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A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Jillian Michaels!
546 days ago

I am a huge Ellen fan, and love that she leads with kindness. I can't imagine she would ever say anything hurtful or biased. However, her segment with Jillian Michaels gave me pause. When Ellen was commenting on Jillian's daughter, she made a comment like "where do you get one of those". I believe Ellen meant a cute little baby, but given that she was talking about an African-American (or Haitian) adopted baby, the remark seemed callous. Like - "how do I buy one of those things". I KNOW she didn't mean it, but it sure came across that way. I am a mom of a beautiful boy from Guatemala, so maybe I am sensitive to this, but it would be good to choose your words more carefully when speaking about multicultural adoption.

Thank you,
Ann Herman