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Ann Barton
Name Ann Barton
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Hobbies Cooking , gardening, and helping others
About Me I am an unemployed older person that is going crazy no feeling worth much. I have always worked since I was 12 and feel lost not having a purpose. When I think about all the people that have it much worse than I do I feel stupid to feel sorry for myself. So I fell that may goal is going to be to help others in any whay that I can. I have a friend at this time that has breast cancer and her husband has also been batteling cancer also and I would love to make a difference in their lives....they deserve a little happiness. I love watching your show and see all the happiness that you give to truly make a difference in people lives, thank you.
Ann Barton
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620 days ago

I have a friend that has breast cancer and her husband has also battled ethnoid sinus cancer for years. They have 3 children, one in college, one in high school and one in middle school. I do not know how they have made it through. They have finacial hardships plus worring about all the health issues and now with christmas comming up this is an added stress that they do not need at this time. If you can help this family in any way I would greatly appreciate it.