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Dear Ellen, I'd like to enter my friend for 20 yrs Eva, 12yrs ago she was stage 4 oral cancer, we had to have "talks with her kids" after the drs said to prepare them...well, to say she is doing well is an understatement! Eva has made herself into an international speaker and motivator to whomever will listen, Oral surgeons, drs, pharmacutical, to see and understand and make changes for the patient's view. Also everyday people who are battling all kinds of issues. Wanna know what Eva did before the cancer, (where she lost a third of her tongue and had a radical neck disection) she was a storyteller, ironic, ugh?.. not just any storyteller, but one that would interact with children to build self-confidence and kindness to others...always positive. She is also writting books for kids, so they can try to understand when parents have cancer...oh and when she is home, she's doing what ever she can, homeless shelters, fundraising, neighbors in need..her daughter has baked to sell to drs offices to raise money for oral cancer.. .This is one person you must meet. Eva is truly a cover girl, beautiful in and out. Thanks for concidering Eva