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Anita McCants
LL Cool J on Petting His Lizard
456 days ago

I googled to see if lizards like being petted and discovered that if it doesn't hiss, bite or run away and stick around for more, then it likes being petted. I guess LL Cool J already knew this.

By the way LL Cool J's got cool down pat :^D

Anita McCants
Vince Vaughn Gets Pranked
457 days ago

Vince Vaughn is a sweetheart. Enjoyed your show, Ellen :^)

Anita McCants
Vote for Your Favorite Moment from Season 10!
457 days ago

Ruth Lasley, To vote.. you click on one from the category in the above poll. Then click Vote. Then click on Win 12 Days tickets here. From my understanding it's going to be a different category everyday.

Anita McCants
Behind the Scenes of Jeannie's Vacation
462 days ago

Jeannie had a very pampered vacation :^)

Anita McCants
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Dennis Quaid!
462 days ago

Dennis Quaid ROCKS :^D

Anita McCants
Kate McKinnon Takes Over for Ellen
462 days ago

Haha..Kate McKinnon puts forth great effort in her exaggeration of you. Her voice is several notes lower, and it sounds like she's doing number 2 on the potty. And she's all over the place. She was indeed funny :^D

She's also very sweet, and has much admiration for you. I wish her much success in her career.

Anita McCants
Show Us Why You Love Ellen!
470 days ago

I love Ellen because she is generous, sincere and kind. I love The Ellen DeGeneres Show because it's entertaining, uplifting and inspiring. It gives me the boost I need. I celebrate Ellen's message of positivity by being thankful and optimistic. I celebrate Ellen's message of kindness by helping others with errands and tasks and doing what I can to promote others. I celebrate Ellen's message of fun by doing things that make me happy like watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show, spending time with family and friends, dancing and singing around the house and at work when the coast is clear, and brainstorming ideas for making the world a better place.

Anita McCants
Matthew Perry's Peach Joke Reaction
476 days ago

Hi Ellen, I called the number given, but it's for advertising, and the mailbox is full. So I voted in the poll above. I love Matthew Perry, but so far not his jokes. That joke was even wackier than the first. I think it's cool that he's comfortable telling wack jokes.

Anita McCants
Did You Like Matthew Perry's 'Peach' Joke?
478 days ago

Love Matthew Perry. But that joke was wack. And now that I'm thinking about it for some odd reason I'm laughing.

Anita McCants
Photos! Ellen and Portia Visit Australia's Manly Beach
493 days ago

Ellen, you and Portia look like you're having a fantastic time! Glad to see you both are enjoying yourselves :^)

Anita McCants
Photos: Ellen Has Arrived in Australia!
496 days ago

Wow Ellen, you look so happy :^)
I can see people holding their cameras high,
trying to get a shot of you. Hope you and Portia
have a wonderful time.

Anita McCants
Jessica Alba's Health Tips
507 days ago

Jessica Alba is not only pretty, she's also sweet :^)

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