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Anita McCants
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Anita McCants
Jennifer Aniston's Soap Opera Reunion with Her Dad
435 days ago

When I saw this on TV earlier today I did not know that
that handsome man was Jennifer Aniston's dad. Now that
I know this and watching it again it's making me all
teary eyes.

Anita McCants
Ellen Goes Behind the Scenes
435 days ago

Hi Ellen, I enjoyed your show! '◡'

Anita McCants
Ellen Reunites Some of Her 'Friends'
436 days ago

That was so cute!
Looking forward to tomorrow's show :^D

Anita McCants
Amazing Talent GIF
437 days ago

Congratulations to the Winner..The Little Jump Roper.
Impressive indeed :^) And congratulations to all the finalist.

Anita McCants
'After Earth' GIFs!
442 days ago

"Are you looking at my butt" Love it :^D

Anita McCants
Send Ellen Your Mirror Moves!
446 days ago

Hi Ellen, I just mirrored my boyfriend while he was talking to my mom and sister. Check it out :^) ...

Anita McCants
4-Year-Old Kai -- The GIFs!
449 days ago

Kai is such a sweetheart. He had me laughing and crying.

Anita McCants
Tell Us a Joke!
451 days ago

Two eggs were kissing on a bed when the female egg said, "I have to
go change. I'll be back in a minute."

Five minutes later, the the female egg walked out in a slinky
'egg'lige, rubbing her hands up and down her smooth, oval-shaped

Instantly, the male egg slapped his hands on the top of his head,
covering it completely.

"What are you doing?," the female egg asked.

He replied, "The last time I was this hard, someone cracked me on
the head with a spoon."

Anita McCants
Matt Lauer Dances on 'Ellen'!
451 days ago

Matt Lauer CAN DANCE :^D
Enjoyed your show, Ellen!

Anita McCants
Vote for Your Favorite Moment from Season 6!
454 days ago

Dennis Quaid is Here! :^D

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