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Anita McCants
Caption This! Ellen Scares Bethenny
406 days ago

Bethenny, you should see..


Anita McCants
Message from Ellen
408 days ago

Dear Ellen, Both my son and daughter flew to Vegas today. This was my son's first time flying. I was so happy for them both. And they both will be so happy for me when it's my first time flying..which I hope will be soon. And hopefully I'll be flying to see you'◡'

My mom's birthday is tomorrow, and she is the main reason my son and daughter are in Vegas having a great time. Like you, she also makes dreams come true. Many blessings to you both.

Anita McCants
Will and Jaden Smith!
415 days ago

I saw 'After Earth' with my sister Sunday,
and I loved it! It made me wish I was fearless :^D
Great job Will and Jaden Smith!

Anita McCants
Gru Scares Tony -- The GIF!
419 days ago

Love it! I cracked up all over again :^D

Anita McCants
Gru's First Television Appearance!
419 days ago

I cracked up when Gru scared the daylights out of Tony.
Gru was very entertaining. Enjoyed the show :^D

Anita McCants
Does Your Home Need a Makeover?
419 days ago

Yes, my home desperately needs a makeover. Inside and out.
I sent my pictures and story about a year ago. When I get off
work tonight I will do it again.

Anita McCants
Tyler Perry on Playing Madea
421 days ago

Just about everyone I know, including myself, mimics Madea.
I love Tyler Perry :^D

Anita McCants
Message from Ellen
423 days ago

Hi Ellen, Check out my 'Show Us Why You Love Ellen' video:

Anita McCants
Food to Help You Sleep
425 days ago

Thanks so much for those helpful tips Dr. Neal Barnard.
I have been having problems with sleeping for the past
two weeks. Partly because I've been anxious. And drinking
a cup of caffeinated coffee everyday is not helping. So I'm
switching to decaffeinated and I'm going to practice using
your tips for sleeping.

Also, Ive been eating pastries just about everyday lately.
I'm switching to yummy raspberry brownies :^) Plus..I'm
going to start eating more of the other foods that you

Anita McCants
Sophia Grace & Rosie Play the New 'Heads Up!' Kids Deck
425 days ago

Heyyy..I want those gadgets so I can play the Kids Deck 'Heads Up!' :^D

Anita McCants
Bethenny's Times Square Surprise!
426 days ago

Wow Ellen!
What you did was so AWESOME!
Hugs Hugs Hugs :^D

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