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Anita McCants
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Anita McCants
Quote of the Day: Be Kind
251 days ago

I wear my (Be Kind 2 One Another Bracelet) everyday. I have a second one I wear with it on special occasions :^)

I am genuinely kind to others unless they are mean to me or to people I care about.

Anita McCants
We Love You, Talia!
279 days ago

Goodbye sweet Talia.
You are free.
No more pain.
No more suffering.
My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
May God comfort them and give them peace.

Anita McCants
Caption This! 2 Dogs and a Baby
285 days ago

"Isn't she the sweetest little thing you've ever seen?"

"She sure is."

Anita McCants
Baby Lamb's New Friend
287 days ago

That is so sweet. I love it too!

Anita McCants
12 Days Tix and Australia! Are You Koala-fied?
290 days ago

Ellen, I would love so much to win VIP Tickets to come see you. I wish I could come to your Season 11 premiere week.

Anita McCants
Message from Ellen
305 days ago

Faith Hoffman,
I hope you see this message. Ellen's shows are reruns. They are on summer break. However, you can try to win VIP tickets and big prizes by watching her shows and playing the contests all summer long. Happy Birthday! Best Wishes!

Anita McCants
Message from Ellen
308 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Last week when my TV station announced your show was moving to a
different time I gasped, then let out a sigh of relief when I
realized it was not going to interfere with my work schedule. For
a minute there I thought I was gonna have to get my boss to find
me another post :^)

Anita McCants
Caption This! Ellen Scares Bethenny
312 days ago

I read these to my son and so far he likes Maria's Twerk caption the best'◡'

I just read a lot of captions from Facebook, and this one is still the best so far.

Anita McCants
You Write, Ellen Responds!
313 days ago

Hi Carla,
Be sure to email your ideas to Ellen. I emailed mine.
I hope our ideas find their way to her. Best Wishes! :^D

Anita McCants
Caption This! Ellen Scares Bethenny
313 days ago

Bethenny, you should see..


Anita McCants
Message from Ellen
316 days ago

Dear Ellen, Both my son and daughter flew to Vegas today. This was my son's first time flying. I was so happy for them both. And they both will be so happy for me when it's my first time flying..which I hope will be soon. And hopefully I'll be flying to see you'◡'

My mom's birthday is tomorrow, and she is the main reason my son and daughter are in Vegas having a great time. Like you, she also makes dreams come true. Many blessings to you both.

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