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Anita McCants
Caption This! Double Christmas Vision
122 days ago

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"What are you thinking?"

Those babies are so adorable :^)

Anita McCants
Special Delivery
129 days ago

Special Delivery indeed.
She's a sweetie pie :^)

Anita McCants
Tom Hanks Gets a Special Honor
129 days ago

I want to sit in Tom Hanks' seat :^)

Anita McCants
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Tom Hanks!
129 days ago

That's our Christmas Tree. Mine plays the
Charlie Brown Theme Song. Here's a pic on

I love Tom Hanks! I love his movies!
I love the Charlie Brown skit Tom Hanks
and Ellen did. When I hear that music
I sometimes pretend to skate like the
Charlie Brown characters.

My kids did an excerpt from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
My son played Linus (he was 3 and a half. My daughter
played Lucy (she was 7). I wish I had video taped it.

P.S. I love Ellen :^)

Anita McCants
See All the Winners of Day 1 of 12 Days!
134 days ago

Congratulations to all the winners and
future winners of 12 Days of Giveaways :^)

Anita McCants
Win Tickets to 12 Days!
135 days ago

Hi Ellen,
This morning I dreamt you and Portia visited me and my family.
When I first started dreaming about meeting you, I would come close
then wake up. Then I would meet you, then wake up. And now I actually
met you and chatted with you and Portia in my dream. The next best
thing would be to meet you in reality :^)

Anita McCants
Hunter and Santa
137 days ago

It looks good to me too. He's the sweetest little thing :^)

Anita McCants
Caption This! Cute Surprise
143 days ago

Ah ha haaa you found me.

Anita McCants
Viola Davis Gets Down
180 days ago

Viola Davis, you are cut'n up :^)
But that's not The Snake..That's the Tootsee Roll.

I made an "Ellen, Check Out My Workout" video yesterday
and I included The Snake. I probably would have included
the Tootsee Roll if I knew how to do it. I could not get
the hang of that dance back in the day.

Anita McCants
Halloween Chick
198 days ago

If that ain't the sweetest little baby chick :^)

Anita McCants
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Sean Hayes!
198 days ago

Aww..that is so sweet :)

Anita McCants
Scaring Sean Hayes
198 days ago

Loved it! Thanks for the laugh :D
Sean Hayes is just too adorable!

Anita McCants
Caption This! Baby Standoff
206 days ago

"He's not going anywhere!"

"I'm not sure if I want to." :^)

Anita McCants
Flash and Chance
206 days ago

Aww...that is so sweet :)

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