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Anita McCants
First Came the Flower Girl, Then Came the Wedding
3 days ago

That is so sweet. I wish I would have thought of that when my daughter was a little girl. From the time she was three people would come up to her and say I want you to be my flower girl. She would get her hopes up high and then end up not being a flower girl because the wedding did not take place or for some other reason.

Anita McCants
Recipe of the Day: Chick'n Pot Pie
51 days ago

Looks yummy! Can somebody make this for me :^)
I should start collecting yummy, healthy recipes.

Anita McCants
Message from Ellen
96 days ago

Happy Easter Ellen! I was an Easter Bunny at an event yesterday.
For the most part it was fun. At times I had to deal with a kid who
kept trying to take off my bunny head. It was a good thing I had
my daughter to assist me :^)

Anita McCants
Kick It in the Kickstarter
108 days ago

Ellen, I think you should KickStart this Ellen Water Squirt Toy :^)

Anita McCants
Kick It in the Kickstarter
108 days ago

Ellen, I think you should KickStart this Ellen Water Squirt Toy :^)

Anita McCants
Ellen's Record-Breaking Tweet!
144 days ago

I re-tweeted it :^)

Anita McCants
Message from Ellen
144 days ago

My kids and I agree the Oscars are entertaining indeed...thanks to you Ellen :^)

Anita McCants
#Oscars4Ellen on Vine!
157 days ago

These were quite funny :D

Anita McCants
Message from Ellen
158 days ago

Hey Ellen,
We were snowed in (actually...iced in) two days before
Valentine's Day. So to make sure my family and friends
got their Valentine's cards on Valentine's Day I texted
and emailed my card. They loved it! I also tweeted my
card the day before Valentine's Day. It say's...

I love you more than Ellen loves dancing.

Here's the link to the image...

Anita McCants
Reenact the Best Picture Oscar Nominees on Vine
160 days ago

Hi Ellen, This is me doing Matthew McConaughey in Wolf of Wall Street. My daughter, son and I saw Wolf of Wall Street together and found it to be very entertaining as well as informative. I submitted a vine on February 9th, but now that you're asking for it to include a hash-tag I am re-submitting it. I hope it's good enough because I've been trying to meet you for years. Your Biggest Fan, Nita

P.S. I love doing your challenges :^)

Anita McCants
Be My Valentine
161 days ago

Love it! Love it! Love it!
Absolutely adorable :^)

Anita McCants
Camille and Guinness
162 days ago

That baby is so adorable.
This photo is so adorable.

I cannot think of a caption
for this adorably adorable
photo :^)

Anita McCants
Bruno Mars' Inspiring Speech
164 days ago

Bruno Mars, you are a sweetheart.
I laughed and cried when I saw this

I had to work during the Super Bowl.
My kids saw your performance and said
you were GREAT!!!

If you decide to get a fragrance,
maybe you should call it
Sincerely Bruno
Bruno Mars..Amazing
Bruno Mars

Ellen, you should have a fragrance
and call yours
Sincerely ellen
Playfully ellen

Anita McCants
Jessica Bassett's Song Is on iTunes!
168 days ago

Jessica Bassett, I love your voice
and I love your original song "Lydia."
I'm going to get my son to download
it off iTunes for me.

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