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Anita Ettel
Name Anita Ettel
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Hobbies PBS, Art, Music, Animals of all kinds, Facebook & Twitter, Activist in Political, Animal Rights & Human Rights Issues & most importantly...Comedy. Especially You Ellen. I would die if not for those who have the talent to keep us laughing. Thank You Soooo Much. Anita
About Me Hi Ellen & Ensemble, Well, about me? I am on disability due to PTSD. so I do not work. That's why Laughter is a top priority for me. The healing endorphins (like in Chocolate) are imperative for my better health. And since I can't work a regular job I spend a good deal of time being an Activist concerning above mentioned issues listed in my hobbies. It's also necessary for me to be helpful & stand for Pertinent Issues. I'd love to do more drawing & painting. I'm going to as soon as the Docs fix my eyes. I'm having vision problems. It may take surgery. Light is very painful and I can barely make out what I'm typing. So if i'm out of touch for a while it's because my eyes are healing. If I can't look at the TV Screen I can certainly listen to your show & LOL. I can imagine you danceing. I've watched so many times your engraved in my memory. So this computer will be out of commision during that time. But you won't be in my mind, ears & heart. We all love you so much & I want to convey just how very much you and your projects are appreciated & treasured. How Do you do it? So I'll be listening for you & your guests. Always, Anita
Anita Ettel
Super Bowl Show, Portia's Birthday!
394 days ago

Well Happy Happy Happy Birthday to both of you. I missed your BDay shows but can and will wish you Happiness all the days of your lives. I do love you so.

I'm from Atlanta. We've always had sucky football seasons...well most of the time. So I had my brother and my BFF in Austin, TX. watch the game for me. I made the right decision considering the Falcons botched it again. Our Hawks (Basketball) have always been more entertaining for me. I was once in love w/Pistol Pete Maravich. He also played for the New Orleans Jazz. Remember? Yes, I was in Metarie when you were. I wish I could've caught your Comedy Circuit act. I caught Foxworthy in Austin. I didn't realize it at the time but my 2 of my brothers and I went to Hapeville High with Jeff. He was as obnoxious then as he is now...Small world.

I'm a serious political, human rights, woman's rights and animal rights activist. I spend way too much time on this computer petitioning, sending memos and ccs for so many serious and pertinent issues. It will be wonderful to make Ellen's world a part of my computer day. God Blessed you and us when he put you here. You make this stay on earth a part of The Delightful. Thank You.

Much Love to Ellen and Portia,

Anita Ettel
Diane Keaton, Jon Bon Jovi
394 days ago

Hi Ellen & Staff, When watching the episode w/Diane Keaton I knew exactly where she was coming from. I have to say that I too drink Rose on Ice (the rocks)...but not anything dry or heavy like a Burgundy. I also had one of those hour long orgasms. It's as if your body just goes into that mode, it happens and then you slip into a plateau state only to go back to another climax, no physical stimulation at all. I've never experienced that and some of the particulars that go with it. Who else was on the show and asked Diane "Isn't that painful?" Well, not when it's happening because of pain killing endorphins but after it subsides you feel every muscle and bone that were atrophied during this phanominun. Sorry, can't spell phenominon. But it's true and it's wild. I think God made it happen since he knows I'm not active due to scary males. So I had a great LOL finding I'm not the only one. plz tell Diane when you see her. Love Always, Anita Ettel

Anita Ettel
Exclusive! Bonus Magic Trick
573 days ago

Hi Again Ellen, I just sent you another email, different subject. I'll get right to the point. Right now I'm on disability for PTSD. It's hard for me to get out of the house. It causes a great deal of problems in many other ways also. I have too many meds and have in mind a new lady pshcologist (PHD) who charges on a sliding fee scale. Insurance doesn't cover or Psychs. I've been told often that I have an engageing speaking voice. I've also been told I can really sing but am 55 and fearful of the music industry in general. I always have been. I've had offers from producers years ago and have seen a few jaws drop (especially my family) when I sang for them. They had no clue. I need to know if you can offer any advise about Radio programs or DJs where I wouldn't be exposed to the general public like Tony is. I feel guilty being on disability when I get these compliments. It seems like there's something I could do with this voice but I can no longer work with the public, Paranoia, you know? I never know how I'm going to feel when I leave the house and could not handle any phone sales positions. I'd be exposed to the public again. Very Scarey, to coin another of your phrases. So if you can think of anything let me know so I can drop the guilt. Thank You so much for everything you are and do.
Always, Anita