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Hobbies helping people and spend time with my family!
About Me My name is Animah Sika-Boamah. I am currently studying at the Grand Canyon University as a Health Care Administration major. I am a wife and a mother of three boys. I have had a lifelong desire to build hospital or clinics in rural areas where they don’t have access to a hospital so that they can obtain the care they need.
Quote of the Day: Olive
582 days ago

You are amazing person Ellen, and I love what you are doing for most of the people in the world. Ellen, keep it up because it better to give then receive it. Good luck and thank you!

Message from Ellen
582 days ago

My family and I just want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and I also wanted to thank you for everything that you did this year for other people. Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary to you!

Inspiring Family Wins a Huge Shopping Spree!
609 days ago

Hi Ellen DeGeneres,
You are wonderful Ellen! You are such a blessing to all of us; and you are truthfully a perfect person. Thanks a lot for all your humbly heart that you share with all of us. Ellen, you are inspiration to all people especial my family. We have been giving the little that we have to the poor people in Ghana at rural areas where they don’t have access to a lot of things so that they can obtain the life and care they need. I’m using little, because I stay home with the kids while my husband work, the money is not a lot so we all have to share that is why we live by pay check to pay check. I hope that everyone would be like you so the whole world will be beautiful. My sons want to say thanks for your beautiful smile!