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Angie Waters
Name Angie Waters
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Hobbies Ellen I love this boy in my photo. You will hear from him soon. His The Voice Australia. His Name is Harrison Craig and that is my daughter they are only friends. He is going to be the next Elvis. Just remember this email. I am not kidding. xxx.
About Me Just an awesome person who likes to make people laugh and can't dance at all.
Angie Waters
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicholas Hoult
374 days ago

They have had a competition in Melbourne to win two tickets to Ellen Show.

I have just sprained my ankle and every time they say ring now to have a chance to win a trip to see Ellen. I have to hop to the bloody phone. By the time I get there the caller has already got through. Ellen send me some tickets oh yeah can you send me some flights too. Does porche want me to collect her mail in Australia and I will bring it over. Love you Ellen.