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Angie Tintinalli
Name Angie Tintinalli
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Hobbies Acrylic painting, aquafit, golfing, poetry, making people laugh
About Me I am 54 years old, and just finishing up chemo and radiation treatment for breast cancer. I am getting ready to go back to work from home as a medical transcriptionist. I live with Lloyd who is my wonderful partner. We live on the beach in Kingsville, Ontario Canada. I have 3 awesome sisters and a brother and a great sister in law. Our family is close. I used to sing professionally but don't do that anymore, but really miss it.
Angie Tintinalli
Bruno Mars, Jessica Alba
70 days ago

OH MY GOODNESS...BRUNO MARS WAS AWESOME. I cried when he ran up the steps and hugged all the women. The nurse thing was super upper funny! I would love to see Bruno mars live! Kudos Ellen for what you did for that family! I am going thru breast cancer too, and nothing is more powerful than support and positive experiences!

Angie Tintinalli
What’s Trending: January 27 - 31, 2014
77 days ago

Hello Ellen and Portia,
How nice that you have birthdays so close together. If I was there I would sing this to you:
Kindest regards from Cold Canada,
Angie T.

Angie Tintinalli
Tired Pony Performs 'All Things All at Once'
129 days ago

Hey, Minnie Driver was in the baND Tired Pony! I was sure that was Minnie Driver singing backup! LOL

Angie Tintinalli
Win Day 7 of 12 Days!
129 days ago

Was that Minnie Driver with the band Tired Pony?

Angie Tintinalli
What Have You Been Up To on Facebook?
136 days ago

I must tell you I have been using a mini Ipad during my cancer treatments as it was a gift from an awesome friend. When I searched Ellen, there were a few pages that came up. I wasn't sure which one so I picked one and so far so good. I check everyday to look for Ellen pics, etc. I just love getting that message! It is always a cheery one and kudos for keeping it positive. For Twitter, I must say, I don't really understand it. David Letterman once went thru the process but I still don't get it. So, looks like I am sticking to my facebook connection with Ellen. Good thing because I noticed that I could possibly win the 12 days from your post. But, I am having a problem posting from my mini Ipad. So I went to my computer anyway. Ellen, you are the greatest! Keep up the awesome job!

Angie Tintinalli
Win All of Today's Gifts from 12 Days!
148 days ago

I love watching Ellen! I would like to be on the show to win 12 days of giveaways. When I watch from home it feels like I could jump up and down and scream for the audience! ahahahaha