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Angie Susuri
Name Angie Susuri
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Hobbies I love animals, I love music- singing,dancing. I love reading books and traveling a lot!
Angie Susuri
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
544 days ago

Dear Ellen,

even though I've never seen one of your shows live, because I don't live in the U.S., watching you everyday online was more than enough. I would celebrate this day as if it was my best friend's birthday. Because that's what you are to me. You are an inspiration to me when I need a spark in the dark, you are what keeps me smiling even in my worst days. Thank you for being such an amazing person, god bless you! I wish you a happy birthday, may you have a lot of fun in this special day!

Love you so much,
Angie from Kosovo (Europe).