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Angie Moore
Name Angie Moore
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Hobbies Fighting Breast Cancer and taking care of my 3 boys!
About Me I have breast cancer and only have one chemo left. I have 6 weeks of radiation after that. I have 3 beautuful boys and a wanderful husband. We love Ellen and she has been an insparation to me while I have been fighting this. I would love to meet her someday. You Rock Ellen
Angie Moore
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235 days ago

Ellen, My sister and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We have undergone chemo and radiation and now my sister is having to do a chemo pill. She has been through so much. Her son was burned very bad, her husband had a heart attack, and now this. They have three beautiful boys. Her twin boys birthday is the 16th of this month and then Christmas. They have been trying to move out of the mold infested rent house that they live in, but were unable to get their VA loan. Her husband is a wonderful man who served in Desert Storm. She has had the worst couple years of anyone I have ever known, and she is the strongest and best person I know. She keeps a smile on her face when ever she is around her boys, and then collapses in her bedroom and cries from the pain. She never misses a ball game or class room party for her boys. She thinks you are the most awesome person in the world! On her bucket list, her first top things are to meet you and Dr. Phill! I just would love for her to meet you, and have a wonderful Christmas for once without the worry so she could enjoy it with her boys. Thank You, Tammy