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Angelina Glisson
Name Angelina Glisson
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Hobbies crafting, playing with my grandchildren, listening to music, reading...spreading peace and pepperlove...
About Me I am a mother of five and a grandmother of seven. I am caregiver of my mom, in which I am the mom and she is my sixth child. I enjoy spreading peace and listening to music.
Angelina Glisson
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150 days ago

Don't worry Mom, I've got this one...

Angelina Glisson
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
584 days ago

Hi, Ellen;
Sending out much gratitude for sharing such wonderful, positive energy with anyone who crosses your path, whether in person or far away, you are very blessed with so much positive energy that we are more blessed to be in the world, the same time as you...Angelina Glisson...

Angelina Glisson
Naomi Watts, Day 7 of 12 Days!
591 days ago

I am trying to enter the 12 days of Christmas contest. I love the Ellen show, so very much. I love to watch daily, but can't always, due to taking care of my mother. Anyway, was just trying to win some Christmas. Please help!!!