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Angelic Turner-Tua
Name Angelic Turner-Tua
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Hobbies Going church, spending time with my ohana, all the other things that I can't do like football, running, swimming..
Angelic Turner-Tua
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217 days ago

Thank you for making us laugh throughout your show.. !

Angelic Turner-Tua
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217 days ago

MelekalikiMaka &Hau'oli Makahiki Ho Ellen,

Here is my story,

I was a full time employee very active in life until I had surgery 4- years ago which led me paralyzed from the waist down. Since then I have done many injections, physical therapy, 2- additional surgeries which has helped me and now my left leg is the only part of my body that's paralyzed. The last surgery I had in August I ended up having the tip of the tube the surgeon used break off and left in my back. Due to the doctors mistakes on my back, no other doctors in the entire State of Hawaii will except my case. I am now left with having to find a doctor in the mainland who would want to take my case I'm left feeling very frustrated and helpless and since I'm on social security my husband and I can't afford the expenses it will cost us even if I did find a doctor in the mainland to help me. Although I'm sure everyone wants to win, but I want to win so much more. I got married 2 weeks before all this mess and my husband and children has been my hero. My Awesome husband has been taking care of me ever since with No complaints; carrying me, showering me, helping me put on/off my clothes, driving me to all my appointments cause I cant drive, cooking for my children and I, etc. If nothing else I would love to win this to thank them for all there hard work & dedication in helping me get better. The reason I strive to get better is so that I can again one day take care of them. My husband chose to stay and help me this is true love; in sickness and in health till death do us part!
Thankyou for reading my story.

May God Bless you,

Angelic Turner-Tua
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218 days ago

The show is getting better and better..

Angelic Turner-Tua
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219 days ago

Melekaliki Maka Ellen. Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity to win some awesome gifts. I hope I can be chosen so I can have something for my ohana. They truly deserve some amazing gifts for taking care of me and putting up with all my doctor visits. I truly love them and want the best or them. May you be blessed for your beautiful heart of giving.