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Angela Rucker
Name Angela Rucker
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Hobbies playing board games, baking, helping otheres
About Me Love the ELEN SHOW, and my church and community. Helping others
Angela Rucker
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225 days ago

Ellen, love your show and how you are about having FUN and Living! I sure hope I can be at your show and see it live and be in on the fun.I also hope I win one of your 12 days of CHRISTMAS that would be the only thing I would get this year. Wishing you and your Staff and Family MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Angela Rucker
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231 days ago

Ellen, I watch your show everyday and would really love to meet you in person. You are so kind in your giving, and I myself try to help people too. I am not able to work at this time due to some heart problems. Almost 2 years with no income for me so not able to help much but still do when I can. Please select me for one of your giveaways and I will share with others in need. This is a tough time for me, cause I can neither give my 2 granddaughters or my 3 girls. Still Blessed and Thankful to be able to watch you make others happy. Merry Christmas to you and your family and staff.