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Angela Kay Mitchell
Name Angela Kay Mitchell
Age 36
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Hobbies Watching YOU! Listening and dancing to Music! Painting. Candle-making. Trial watching and cold case/missing persons follow-ups. Helping people. Loving people. Listening to people.Um, internet games and FB.
About Me Well, Ive said a lot already in Hobbies. But lets see...I am a single Mother of a Daughter who turns 20 tomorrow, actually! (Feb 25 2014). I am 36 years YOUNG and am actually about to be made a GrandMa! Ive still not gotten WAY comfy in that NEW title NAME yet but Im WAY excited for the baby on the way (now)! Though I am currently (as of 8 years ago) disabled due a rare disease, I have worked my WHOLE life and taken care of my child virtually on my own, aside from my ANGELIC MOTHER, who I could NOT have done it without! I ran my own businesses and did all I could to make ends meet and absolutely have LOVED being a mother. I believe I was put on this earth to be that childs Mother. Hence, her name: Destiny. And I refer to her always as MY Destiny. She is. I HAVE succeeded at raising an AWESOME, goal-oriented, wise-beyond-her-years, quick, witty, heartfelt, sincere, & loving daughter THAT IM SOO VERY PROUD OF! So, there! Youve now been given a little info about ME. :)