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Angela Henry
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Angela Henry
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220 days ago

I get up every morning at 6am to Watch your show it gets me going! I would love to win all 12 days, I have never won anything, but the main reason is this time last year I was in the hospital away from family which includes my 6 grandchildren and 2 daughters. My older sister in Louisiana took care of me for 10 months while I recovered from an Esophageal Tear which I was lucky I am one of the 2% that survived! I want to repay my loving sister back for all she has done for me, we could go relax on a trip! Also, to be able to have a wonderful Christmas with my grandchildren and daughters. You see, I am just happy to be alive! I love You Ellen your awesome. Merry Christmas

Angela Henry
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259 days ago

My daughter is single has 3 children, ages 2,4 and 10. She found a job and at the present I have to drive 23 miles to pick her up take her to work and another 23 back to my job and 23 back to pick her up and take her home (she lives with her deceased fathers mom) then I drive back home another 23 miles. I am doing whatever it takes to help her out so she doesn't loose her job. She graduated high school has an asociate degree in criminal justice but now she works at Graceland. Until she has dependable transportation she had to take the closet job she could get. I was very ill last year and almost died, I had an esophagus tear, it was horrible, I was visiting my sister in Baton Rouge, La. I live in West Memphis, AR. Ended up having to stay at my sisters for 10 months, went through several major surgeries, 2 stents in my esophagus, MRSA twice, 10 chest tubes, feeding tube, drainage tubes. But I am well and alive and able to help my daughter for I had to start all over at the age of 55, lost my home, car and job. I got a used car, new job and living with a wonderful friend she has help me alot. I just want to be able to help my daughter she has had a rough time and trying so hard to do whats right for her and her children. God is good and I know something will happen to help her. I get up every morning at 5:45 am and watch your show before work and I see all the wonderful things you do for so many people. Love ya