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Angela Fuentes
Name Angela Fuentes
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About Me I am from Colombia but I am living in Calgary Canada now, My family and I always watch your shows every days we recorded if we cannot be on time just in case, we enjoy so much your shows , I am running a small art school is really small just for kids I love and enjoy working with kids, God has giving me the blessing of doing art with my hands which I enjoy so much, I don,t know much but I m willing to do it. I have small place just for few kids, I hope one day to have many kids and have a bigger place I only charged them 4 dollar per hour just to buy more paint, I also teach them how to dance folk music and I always remember you ANYWAYS! I hope one day to see you ,my husband cannot travel there but I told him one day I will go just to dance with Ellen and comeback hahahaha. WE LOVE YOU KEEP SMILING ENJOY MY PICTURES HAVE FUN MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH !
Angela Fuentes
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613 days ago

Hi Ellen I'm so glad of what are you doing about those girls out there with cancer that is so nice of you, I know how it affect so many people even in my family, I just want to share my story, a story that was a miracle for me, I was told that I have a tumor by two different doctors it was to hard for me to just know that I have a tumor in my stomach, I was thinking about all my family most of them have been diagnostic with tumors at the age of 30 one auntie died when she was 33 of breast cancer, I am 33 now and I was so afraid of having cancer, my husband was my support he was afraid because our financial situation was not the same he has been loyal to me, he has lost his job, his car has been damage and now his wife, really it was hard for him,but you know Ellen a miracle happened after both of us has prayed to God, and God answer our prayers the tumor vanished after few weeks, my doctor sent me some medication to help me, even I still have the appointment in January to determine if it was cancer or not the doctor told me that I don't have anything she don't even remember what she told me. I have been with many tumors in my body since my 20's but this one was the scary one I hope my story help somebody to Keep hope and pray a lot ,and believe that God in beautiful.My husband is happy and me too, our life is getting better even though we have struggles but God is there for us, take care Ellen and thank you for your compassion with those people in need.

We love you kissess

Angela and willi