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Angela Brinnen
Name Angela Brinnen
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Hobbies Reading and spending time with family.
About Me I am currently in school working on my bachelors degree in business. I work as a professional driver and haul raw crude oil from field locations to pipeline stations. I have been married for 13 year and have 4 four legged kids, Mac, J.D., Bella and Baby King Ralph.
Angela Brinnen
Luke Bryan Performs 'Buzzkill/Drunk on You'
337 days ago

By just being yourself you inspire people to take a deep breath and remember to laugh. I lead a rather stressful life, which includes school full time, working in a predominately male industry and dealing with the daily drama of life. But when I need a break I come to your web page or watch you on TiVo ( I work nights sorry :-)). You are a breath of fresh air and bring a smile to my face because you talk about the issues without making it stressful, I can relate in so many ways. I too am a pet lover, my husband and I have 4 beautiful four legged kids (all boxers, Mac, J.D., Bella and Baby King Ralph). He is also a big fan of yours. I just want to say thank you and keep doing what your doing because you inspire so many others to do more.
PS- I am jealous of one thing and that is you live in my home state and get to enjoy the ocean, just remember to take time for you and your better half. Life is to short to not share yourself with those that love you and that you love.