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Name Angela
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Hobbies watching ellen,listening to music
About Me i'mma girl that wants to become famous.looove katy perry.
Win All of the Prizes from Day 11 of 12 Days!
583 days ago

these are all very nice prizes from day 1 to now. Ellen,you do not have to do this and this is such a nice thing and it a coincidence you last name

Win Tickets to the AMAs!
614 days ago

why is this contest only for la ppl? i wanna go to the AMAS.

Are You a Huge Pop Music Fan?
655 days ago

I looove Katy Perry. I think I have been a fan of her for almost 2 years.
I have a notebook of pictures and articles about her and I have Google Alerts about her so I can find out the latest info.I read magazines that I know will be with her in it and read various magazines to find out about her. I try to find out everything about her and i would support her all the way if I knew her personally.

Why do I love her?:
She is so inspirational. She is strong and doesn't expect people to feel bad for her and she doesn't things get to her.
She admits being a real human by revealing her past and telling what she thinks now about people react.She has said things on your show that prove this and other places. She acts like a normal person when she's not being famous and...
She is smart since she has a lot of great moral values.
She is also the greatest singer. She has taken time to produce the greatest albums and her songs prove important messages, are fun.
she is a totally awesome person and people should really get to know her before they judge.
I can't wait to see her movie on DVD so that I can know about her and hope that I win the sweepstakes in that DVD.
I love you both Ellen and Katy and I hope I get to meet both of you soon.