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Sibling Rivalry
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Sibling rivalry seems as good a place to write this as any! My sister and I have a pretty hefty age difference, she is 18 years my senior. but we are very close despite that, and an entire country between us (she lives in California and I live in DC). Both of us love Ellen and we were so very happy to see the taping of the show that aired today. Ellen's warmth and humour were inspiring and Kelly Clarkson's voice blew us away! This Thursday will actually be our first Thanksgiving we've ever been able to have together and I'm so grateful to Ellen for her show making this trip even more special. It's rare that I can afford to fly out to California to see my sister, niece, and nephews, so the entire experience made for an incredibly special moment for my sister and I to share. I don't know if I'll be able to return for another show, but I'm so grateful for the fun we had that I had to express it!