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Ellen, I used to respect you. I used to support your tolerant good nature and cute, common sense style. But this seal hunt issue is none of your business. With respect, you know nothing about what life is like in the far north and remote areas of Canada. Food security is a dire and important issue in many parts of Canada.

This is because remote areas have very little, and often no economy, aside from subsistence and wildlife. I suggest you do an episode from the North. Go visit the Northern Store. Yes there are only one or two companies who operate stores in the North. The prices are outrageous and people are suffering. (link goes here - but I can't post more than one link per comment)

Anyway, you clearly don't care about the facts. Just know that it smacks of THE worst kind of colonialism for the blond, tanned Californian to tell people in a remote place, living a traditional life, for which they are very well adapted, that they shouldn't make a living, or even prosper, from their traditional economy, regardless of issues of sustainability. Yes, your actions have a big impact on those people so far away in a cold, unwelcoming place.

Indigenous people in Canada are facing huge health challenges, owing in part to their recent adoption of a "western" diet. (link goes here - but I can't post more than one link per comment). Chips and pop (some of the cheaper, shelf-stable options from the Northern store) are not doing them any favours. I think you would agree that fresh and local food is the healthy, and sustainable way to go.

Perhaps this is about making sure there remains a market for California-grown crops. What's that? There's a drought, due to lack of conservation efforts of the Colorado river? What's that? Eat sushi? But fish stocks have been decimated, and are on the brink of collapse. . Hm. Looks like there are lots of causes out there in your own back yard to get behind.

My point is that the seal hunt may seem like an easy target for your support, precisely because it IS so far away from your reality. But please, please be more careful to do your research before you attempt to shut down the livelihood of simple, peaceful, and hard-working people just trying to live a traditional life. There are much bigger enemies to fight in this world.

Thanks for listening.