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Andi Gletty
Name Andi Gletty
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Hobbies drawing. I love to draw with primsicolor pencils and chalk pastels! swimming
About Me I am 61, was in a car accident that has me retired from counseling after 25 years, I love to watch tv, read, hang out with my cat, my peeps at the coffee shop, enjoy my partner of 12 years, family, and living in the mountains.
Andi Gletty
Day 10 of 12 Days, co-host Julia Roberts, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
201 days ago

Todays repeat with the two Julia's and the craft queen was awesome! Fun to see it again. Sometimes I cry of joy when you come on the stage just because you are so good! you don't put people down, you make us all laugh and forget any troubles we have, and you are beyond generous! Thank you, Andi