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Ana Maria Alaniz-Soto
Name Ana Maria Alaniz-Soto
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About Me I am a 47 yr hispanic women who has a wonderful husband who cares for me since the day of our marriage due to that i am a sickly patient due to PKD (polycystic kidney disease) with arthritis. I am in constant pain, and he does a lot for me. And even though he knew of my sickness he will always be with me till the end of time.
Ana Maria Alaniz-Soto
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143 days ago

Dear Ellen, I would like to nominate my husband Joe Vicente Soto, why u say, well; he is my friend, partner, and my caregiver due to that I was born with PKD which stands for Polycystitic Kidney Disease, and well before we were married I told him that we should not get married due to all of my sickness and disease, so guess what he said "it does not matter I LOVE YOU no matter what". So after my last surgery which was in 2001, Before our wedding in May 2002 I SURVIVED IT ALL! We got married and so here we are today so happy, and nothing can take that away from me. Well in the year 2006 it was made worst I lost my mother to the same disease PKD and liver disease, which was hard for the both of us and my family and friends.
I wish to nominate my husband he deserves a great vacation which we took a small one due to we both were working at the time only 1 week, and back to work and also a little money would help also, due to that I dont work but I do receive SSI which is not very much. I would love to pay off our home, car and student loan.
But most of all I love my husband very much and he does sooooo much for me and my family.
I myself have through alot due to 4 surgeries and to that I almost died in 2 of those surgeries, and here I am today, typing you of how I feel about my husband. Thank you Luv U! :)