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Amy Vensel
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About Me I'm a single mom of a teenage girl (which an indication of my drinking habits :) -- just kidding (though I do like a good margarita). I teach high school science (which makes me like more than one good margarita). Used to work in construction and as a bartender (which means I can build a bar and make my own good margarita). My favorite thing to do is laugh and that's why I love your show. TOO funny!!
Amy Vensel
Golden Globe Nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor
189 days ago

Hi everyone at Ellen, I wanted to tell you fellow animal lovers to check out a story about a dog named Miley (and her buddy Frankie) on It's an amazing tail (pun intended) that will most definitely need a full box of tissues. Not only is it a sweet story, maybe talking about this organization could help them out! Thanks for all you do. It's reassuring to know that there are such great people in the world like y'all.