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Amy Blackburn
Name Amy Blackburn
Location Billings, MT
Age 47
Joined 640 days ago
Hobbies Singing, playing guitar, listening to music, facebook, and WATCHING Ellen!!!!!
About Me I'm just weird. =) But I like me this way! I love Strawberry Fields NYC and Fremont Street in Las Vegas. People watching is one of my favorite things. I also like watching Baseball, Hockey and football! I love my doogies - and I always adopt!
Amy Blackburn
Homecoming Welcome
640 days ago

I didn't know where to email you this youtube link Ellen!!! Please watch this guy. I do not know him - I just watched his video this morning to a P!NK song (I love her!)

Amy Blackburn
Ellen's Inbox
640 days ago

Dear Sweat Funny Dancy Make My Day Ellen,

I did not know where to submit this you tube video, but this guy is GREAT~!!!!! Please watch him!!! he has his own channel - but I happen to like this video the best! (A P!NK song) - many of his "interpretation's are to P!NK songs and I'm happy about that because I LOVE HER! Please oh pretty please check this guy out! he is teh'bomb! =)


A former "Hot Glam Girl" (wearing Woody from Toy Story's Hat LOL!)

Amy Blackburn

P.S., Just so you know - I do not know this guy. just love his vids!