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Name Amy
Location lexington, north carolina
Age 37
Joined 612 days ago
Hobbies My kids reading cross word puzzles writing and now taking care of my mother
About Me I am a mother of 2 handsome boys. Gabriel 12 and Seth 6. They keep me going everyday and without them I would not have a reason 2 wake up each day. Just their smile alone gives me a reason to go even when I am so sick I can barely go myself. I have the best mother in the world she has helped me through my pain now I help her. She was diagnosed with breast cancer..My mother is strong and with Gods will I know she will be strong enough to become a Survivor!!!
Message from Ellen
581 days ago

Merry Christmas Ellen, Portia and the whole Family and staff..Hope everyone has a safe and memorable day

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587 days ago

Hey Ellen..I love all you do for people you have a wonderful heart. I am a single mother of 2 boys 12 and 7 I have been sick for a little over a year and I have not even been able 2 work I don't want anything for myself I just wish and I pray everyday someone can give my 2 sons a good Christmas. Most days I feel like a failure as a mother especially when my 12yr old is having 2 see me so sick and I have 2 get him 2 help me with his brother. I do hide my sickness well (somedays) but when the pain is so bad I can berely walk its kinda hard 2 hide. Is there any way someone could help my 2 boys this Christmas.? Thank You for taking time 2 read my comment..Much Love Ellen..Amy Nifong

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591 days ago

I have tried several times 2 win something 4 my boys but I have found that I am will never win nothing..I have been 2 sick 2 do anything I can barely walk somedays and we r on a fixed income. After bills we have nothing left. I have never been in this bad of shape in my life and every day I want 2 give up. My boys keep me going I just wish I knew how 2 get them christmas gifts. I finally had 2 tell them there was no way we could have christmas this year. my baby Seth asked bout Santa.. I told him I didnt know if Santa would be able 2 help us this year. This broke my heart but there is nothing I can do. This is a sad time of year 4 my boys and it breaks my heart I feel like a failure

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600 days ago

Dear Ellen, I watch your show daily and I enjoy watching peoples eyes light up when you touch their hearts. Many people struggle and have hardships at this time of year. I have struggled this year myself having surgery after surgery even if I cant sign up 2 win anything I am still enjoying your show Ellen and I have joy in my heart just know how many people you help daily. Merry Christmas Ellen and you whole staff!! Much Love 2 You All!!

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600 days ago

I would love 2 win something amazing, but seeing these people smile for something you have giving to them melts my heart Ellen!!! I am so grateful for everything you do for people in need..Happy Holidays Ellen and to your staff as well