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Name Amy
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Hobbies Playing with my daughter shopping watching ellen
About Me Im a hairdresser in australia and would love just one day if i could get tickets for me and my fiance to go to any ellen show
12 Days Tix and Australia! Are You Koala-fied?
342 days ago

I will make my boyfriend strip for ur show to score sum tickets to 12 days of xmas show! We live in australia and i had saved up 11.5 thousand dollars to come to LA to see u whilst being a single mum for him to help me move house and accidently throw it in the tip with rubbish! Please help us see you because we are massive fans and would love the opportunity as we cant afford to come now! Please please please ellen... Il pimp him out to your show as payback for my money he threw out!!!! I beg u!!! P.s he has no idea im saying this lol