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Amelia Montana
Name Amelia Montana
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Hobbies I collect strawberry shortcake item
About Me I am a mother of four boys ages 22,20,19,16. I'm family first person, I take my family place to place so, im pretty much like a personal taxi driver. I also work so Iam a busy girl trying to make ends meet but I do watch your show or I look you up to see if I missed anything,but what I really wish for is to be on your show and bring my aunt kris so then I can at least give her one wish she is ill and I love her,and I will do anything for her,but thank you for entertaining me & my family and keep doing what you do best dance dance dance wooohooo love you llen
Amelia Montana
Howie Mandel, Day 8 of 12 Days!
589 days ago

Hi! Ellen I watched yur show today woohoo and it was a great show as always.I wish I was one of the peeps on yur show to get gifts but, we always can't get what we want,so it's just great to watch the looks on the faces,and I wished wow that would be nice for my boys or great for me to help one of my family members,but I'll keep trying the lottery but keep up the great attitude,smile & dancing see you tomorrow. bye