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Amber Padour
Name Amber Padour
Joined 174 days ago
Hobbies reading, movies with the hubby, traveling, sometimes NIA, which is a workout place.
About Me I work with my husband, visit my adorable daughter in Long Beach ( when she isnt too busy for me hehe) volunteer at the Camarillo animal shelter, and watch RHW, Ellen, So you think you can dance, basically lots of reality shows. Have two cats, Baby and Bella, and trying to talk the hubby into being a foster cat Mom, because I just love cats! I really dont want to come off as a crazy cat person, but they kinda are the cutest thing ever! I recently found my birth dad, after 51 years, it was a really Hallmark moment. Never thought it would happen, and in the space of one week, it happened! So many possibilities for it to go wrong and be rejected, and it turned out amazing!
Amber Padour
Message from Ellen
100 days ago

I would love to come to your show someday, is there a secret to getting tickets??? Never seem to get a response! Still love you!!!

Amber Padour
Channing Tatum, Kate McKinnon
174 days ago

Really, Magic Mike, I call my massage therapist Magic Mike too! He is just too adorable ( Channing), I hope to get a standby ticket tomorrow, but if not I will keep trying! I think your show is so much fun, and I think you preformed at my uncle Bobs comedy club the Ice House???