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Amber Haugh
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Dear Ellen,

First and foremost, thank you for being you and for all that you do for others! A true inspiration- "Be Kind to One Another" your sign off are words to live by and my husband, my 18 mo. old son, and myself never miss a show! Truly makes us laugh, smile, and dance together regardless of what curveballs life has thrown our way.

I admire your relationship with your Momma so much and it makes me think so much of the relationship I share with my own "Momma" (Momma T) - always loving, caring, sincere, supportive, and happy! I am writing to you in regards to my Momma. She is about to turn 60 in a few weeks and desperately begged me not to throw her a party (as she deserves to be celebrated by so many that love and adore her) but rather have an intimate day with her children and grandchildren- of course we are making that happen. My father passed away about 10 years ago now (just before her 50th) and she says her birthday will never be the same without the love of her life- and now being married, and loving my father as I do, I completely understand.
However, she deserves something special! I have watched your show for 10 years now! And trust me I bailed on Oprah when you came on air (and I aspired to be her when I was her- but now I aspire to be me with your message inside of me every day) . I have noticed that you have never had the incredible Jimmy Buffet on your show.. So here is my proposition to you Ellen:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have him on your show and fill the audience with "Parrotheads" You will have the time of your life! Dancing, Laid Back, FUN people surrounding you! I would be forever in debt to you and your production if this dream of mine for my Momma could be fulfilled by you and your amazing staff! You see, my momma is not the average "Parothead" she is the ultimate! Flies all over the country, spends months on costumes for his shows, and yet never met this man. I would love nothing more than to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Momma then to have her and Jimmy pay you a visit. I have attached a "commercial" I filmed for her a few years back for one of his contests, and a few pictures of her and her friends in their "finest" HANDMADE costumes! (ps I know they would let you borrow one =)

More importantly than being the "ultimate Parrothead"- My Momma is the ultimate Mom, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Grandma, Teacher, Volunteer, Crafty, Person you will EVER meet- she is the kindest, warmest, most thoughtful person and would drop anything to do something for someone else in need- a true inspiration!


Warm Regards,
Amber Haugh