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Amanda Sharpe
Name Amanda Sharpe
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Hobbies love watching Ellen,dancing,listen to music, going four wheeling, playing sports, shopping, and driving.
About Me My names Amanda i'm 25 years old I'am the only girl in my family i have 3 awesome brothers. I grew up with my mom and little brother my parents got devorced when i was 3. my two older brothers grew up with my dad but we got to spend ever weekend togeather :). Moved in with my dad for the first time just before i turned 16 one of the biggest changes in my life because my mom and dad are just so different that it was a big change. Moved out on my own by 18years old and been on my own since times have been really tough but you just have to keep your head up and hope for the best. I have been working for dealerships since i graduated high school i have worked for gm dealers and hyundai dealers but just started doing a new job out of dealerships for the first time. The dealer i was working for has just closed down and im now making the least amount of cash that i ever have but they tell me it will get better and as long as i have you to watch i know everything will be okay. My favorit thing to do is to watch your show. When im feeling down or upset all i have to do is watch your show and you make me laugh and cry and you put me into a good mood and make me smile i love you and everything you do for so many people.
Amanda Sharpe
Steve Spangler Pops Off the Party!
516 days ago

<3 it. Looks like so much fun i want to try this lol :)