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Amanda Alcorn
Name Amanda Alcorn
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Hobbies tanning , fishing, grandchildren
About Me i am a 49 year old mother of 2 girls. There ages are 22 and 30. They just broke in my home and stole our safe. They also got there children taken away because of tbere drug use. I have been trying to get them in rehab for 4 months and noone would listen. I helped raise those children. They gave the police our money so everybody was happy. They got the car back that had our safe in it.The police got the money for there fund. Then there is us and we got not a penny back.So basically the police are crooked to. I had cancer last year was in a major rollover accident. Plus my mother passed 4 months ago. life has got to get better.
Amanda Alcorn
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588 days ago

Ellen I am so worried I/m not going to have a christmas for my grandbabies. I know if you have read my letters to you I might stand a chance. I'm sitting here sick to my stomach thinking maybe you never got the things i wrote you.I can only hope that someone will answer my prayers. Thanks for all the things you do for people in need I know it doesn't go unappreciated. Merry Xmas

Amanda Alcorn
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590 days ago

Ellen I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying you put my name on the screen on the 12th day. I amso epressed after the show goes
off everyday. then i snap out of it and realize you must be waiting until the 12th day. I hope you have read my letters to you and realize how much my grandbabies could use it. I love you Ellen. i know you do the best you can. I hope you have a nice christmas

Amanda Alcorn
You Write, Ellen Responds!
593 days ago

Ellen i think I've been signing in on last years giveaway. Please tell me I'm not that stupid. I've waied for 3 months for this giveaway. I really need it for my grandbabies. My daughters are going to prison for robbing my house with my cancer medicine and aflac money. They now have had there children taken from them. My mom passed away this year. I was in a hit and run with a semi this year and am lucky that we are all still here.I ent through extreme radiation and chemo for 8 months this year.I have nothing and I can only pray that someone can help me. I have noone else. I hate feeling like such a failure. I feel like low life white trash.I can't believe I've had such a bad year. As a kid my dad was a alcoholic so christmas was something from the thrift store.I have always made sure my grandbabies had plenty. This year when they ned me the most I can't even help them. I need a life changer.Even if that meabns checking back into the mental hospital. Thanks for listening

Amanda Alcorn
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593 days ago

Ellen I have been such a good girl this year. I feel like I'm watching romper room waiting for your name to be called. Please Ellen. Spread the christmas cheer

Amanda Alcorn
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595 days ago

Ellen we love you in pensavola. I am waiting by the phone to HEAR FROM YOU

Amanda Alcorn
Fergie and Day 6 of 12 Days!
596 days ago

Ellen I just sit by the phone and computer waiting for you let me know today was my lucky day. I can't even get house work done.I know my friends and boyfriend think I'm crazy and thewre probably right. I was told if you believe it can happen to you. I keep waiting for the Ellen angels to come down and TAP ME ON THE SHOULDER. SANTA I DO BELIEVE. 8507774100 JUST CALL ME MAYBE.

Amanda Alcorn
Send Love to Ellen's Mama
672 days ago

I am so sorry you broke your back. I know Ellen and Portia will take good care of you. Just like she does hefr viewers. If I can help in anyway just let me know. HAHA. I would love to be your personal nanny. Also I cook really good

Amanda Alcorn
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673 days ago

Ellen my name is on the 12 days of giveaways but have not heard anything. I saw a phone call came from california but they did not leave a message. So then I read you might email to contact winners.Ellen I'm waiting please let me know. My email is a.alcorn ellen you are amazing it really makes you belkieve there are good people out there still. Thank you for all the times that people are having a bad day. You always make me laugh