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Name amanda
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Hobbies go to movies thats the most part
About Me Hi Ellen im dirty years old no wait im thirty yrs old hahah I been watching u soooo long need help to get me know my father i grow up with my brother n sister father now he gone n make a baby soo we have nothing its been 5 years now grandpa is sick no show of daddy. i found my real real father after thirty years i was sooo close to meeting my half sista my boyfriend drove we left 4am in the morning it was sooo fuggy then came dayight then HE DROVE 140 KM i was like SLOOOOW DOWN SLLLOW DOOON holding on after 12 hours went by BOOP BOOP the O.O.P i say he wasnt even driving 110KM the O.O.P say he driving 130km can u believe that soooo we finally get 2 thunder bay spend some time in the 7pm i cooked up a storm oxtail rice n peas n we went 2 see my auntie jenn then came back to my moms house u now the gas prices were more then what i knew i was soooo close to meet my half sister but it was the gas i spent $500 jus 2 get to my mom n then maybe 5 to get to then back. i was soo close to meeting my real father