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Amadea Gabriel
Name Amadea Gabriel
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Hobbies Being a mommy, arts and crafts, exercising, playing in the snow with my daughter, playing with my daughter and watching the Ellen show
About Me I am a full-time mommy to a beautiful 2 year old littler girl, we moved to Colorado in 2010 from Hawaii after my daughter was born. I have a wonderful husband who works very hard to take care f us, he travels alot he is gone 2-3 weeks out of the month, but makes it home on the weekends. I lost my mom to cancer 4 years ago it was, and still is the hardest thing I ever went through, so I go to her house on the weekends and work on it, it's like therapy for me, some days are goo some days are bad. I would love to meet Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, I feel she can give me some closure about my mom. I'm a housewives franchise fan. I LOVE the ocean, I have a medical degree, but can't find a job if it ment my life. I LOVE to watch Ellen because she is an amazing person, and she makes every day a good day, she is filled so much happiness, and love, I like how she gives back to others in need, and I would do ANYTHING to get tickets to her 12 days of give away's, and I will continue to try until I get them, one day I will. I'm an amazing cook, at least that what my husband tell's me, and I believe him. The friends I do have in my life are like family we have been together for many, many years. I speak my mind, you ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer, and I believe respect is a 2 way street you give it you get it. I believe you make your life for what it is, own the choices you make good or bad, if you don't like it change it. Don't wish bad things on others because karma will come and get you. I believe in equality, no has the right to tell you how and who to live you life with, they are not the ones living it. and last but not least......Cancer doesn't have a preference, it can happen to ANYONE, young, old, male, female, brown, black, white, rich or poor. Be thankful for this day, cause tomorrow is not guaranteed. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, & DANCE!
Amadea Gabriel
Madonna Sends Her Son Rocco to the Splash Tank
632 days ago

It was great to see Madonna! One of the best shows ever! It was nice to put a personality with the face, she is a very mature and strong woman. It was crazy to see her son, I remember him being in diapers, he is growing up so fast! Great show, good people. Ellen has the best show on Television!